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LL = Lightning Lane

1. You might have your nose in your phone all day. Sorry, it’s true. I don’t love this, and if you’re the same way then I highly advise you to purposely plan some chill times where you don’t have to look at your phone screen! Find the balance to the force. Juice up your phone put it in battery-save mode, and scope out the FuelRod service in the parks (buy ahead of time on Amazon to save $$). 


2. Refresh, refresh, refresh!! When using the tip board to find another attraction to book, and if you don’t like the times it is offering, pull down on your screen and refresh. You may find yourself doing this allll day but persistence pays off.

3. Most often you’ll get ONE AT A TIME. Totally fine! Definitely easiest this way. But there IS a way to stack them and have several, meaning you can have more than 1 booked at a time. The ONLY way to do this is if you book them mostly for later in the afternoon and evening.

4. Return Times can overlap. You have a 1hr window to use your LL. Let's say you have Jungle Cruise booked from 3:40-4:40. But then you also have one for Haunted Mansion for 4:15-5:15. It’s fine, as long as the system allows you to do it I say go for it!

5. You do not have to be physically in a park to get one. So for you park hopper people, this is brilliant. If you’re in the Magic Kingdom for the morning but know you’ll be at Hollywood Studios for the evening, go ahead and make your LL for Tower of Terror while you’re still standing outside of Space Mountain- just make sure it's a few hours away!

6. The system is unpredictable. There is no limit to the number of guests who purchase Genie+ per day so it's anyone’s guess if the day you’re going has a ton of people who have bought it or only like 10%. All this means for you though is to make sure you go for your top picks before they’re totally gone! The LL can only physically hold a limited number of people for the day, so if Slinky Dog Dash is your must-do then GO FOR IT FIRST before doing something minor like the Muppets.

7. One person needs to be in charge. If you’re a large family or multiple families trying to do it together, designate your Genie Guru to handle things. Otherwise with multiple people all on the app making changes things can get out of hand! (Also double triple-check you’re all listed under the Friends and Family section, everyone’s park tickets are linked properly etc.)

8. Know the almighty 2-hour rule. You can’t get another LL until 2 hours after posted park opening time (ex: park opens at 9, book a LL at 11). Thereafter you can continue to reserve LL’s at the 2-hour mark from the time you made your last reservation OR after using the last one you booked- whichever comes first! Use your phone timer (set an alert) to help keep track. When in doubt, try to make another reservation- the app will either let you or not! 

9. It's Flexible. Sort of. Unfortunately, once you have a regular LL booked you CAN NOT modify. But you CAN cancel a LL and rebook another. However, you run the risk of not getting the new one you’re after because they can go QUICKLY. It really varies so choose wisely. WARNING: If you cancel and rebook, the 2-hour window restarts!

10. Don’t Miss a LL reservation!! There is a grace period of 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after your window. If you’re running late and miss using your LL, this MAY (not always) result in you not being able to book more LL’s, it can tie up their system. First- try to cancel that LL in the app. If that won’t work find a Cast Member in a BLUE collared shirt (look for the BLUE umbrella) and explain the situation. They’ll hook you up, removed the missed LL and you’re on your way!

BONUS PRO TIP: The day/night before, go through the app and play around with the Tip Board and My Genie Day. It may prompt you to select the top rides/attractions you want to do. SELECT ONLY ONE and make it the one ride you want for your first Genie+ reservation the next morning. That way when 7am rolls around it will be at the top of your screen and you can book it quickly! With this system, every millisecond counts!

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