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Adding Genie+ to your day,
Booking Lightning Lanes & Strategies

Or go straight to Genie+ -> Top 10 Tips

How to:
Step 1:
Log Into My Disney Experience any time after midnight to purchase Genie+ if you plan to use Genie+ that day.

Step 2: Scroll down to  Disney Genie+ Service "Purchase for Today"

Genie+ - 1.jpg

Adding Genie+ to your day

To add the Genie+ plus service to your day you must have a park ticket for that day. So guests with one-day tickets, multi-day tickets, annual passes, or tickets as part of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation package are all eligible to buy Genie+.

Step 3: You will then come to a page showing you everything that is included with Genie+. Hit Continue.

Genie+ - 2.jpg

Step 4: Select Party Members
On the next screen, you will select all the members of your group that is going to purchase Genie+ for that day. And click continue. 

Note: You do not have to choose everyone in your party.  

Genie+ - 3.jpg

Step 5: Review details. Hit Continue and pay. Tax will be included on the next page. You can pay for the Genie+ service by Credit Card, Debit Card, Disney Gift Cards, or Rewards Redemption Cards. When you choose your payment method, click “Purchase.”

Once your purchase is made, you will receive a confirmation at the bottom of the screen.  Click “Continue” to see more information.

Genie+ - 4.jpg

NOTE: Genie+ is now date based pricing. Pricing will vary depending on time of year. Cost will be $15 - $29pp +tax.

Booking Lightning Lanes &

Lightning Lanes (aka Fastpass)

You will be able to make your first Lightning lane (LL) selection beginning at 7:00 AM for your park reservation that day.

How to: Open the ‘My Disney Experience' app. Tap the hamburger icon on the bottom right. Tap Tip Board. Make sure you have the correct park showing at the top. You can make the correct park selection by tapping “Change Park” on the Tip Board and directly underneath the park name listed at the top. Scroll to view LL options. Strategy: You can refresh your screen and sometimes more options will pop up. Choose the party that you want for the LL reservation.
Note: You can only book 1 LL per ride.

Suggestions: Choose an option that will likely sell out.
MKJungle Cruise, Peter Pan’s Flight, Big Thunder Mountain RR, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain.
EPTest Track, Soarin’
HSMillennium Falcon, Slinky Dog, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror.
AKKilimanjaro Safari, Na’vi River 

At this time you may also book any Individual Paid Lightning Lanes for that day – see below. Note: These do sell out quickly so if there is something you must ride and don’t want to wait in line book via the Genie app.


Individual Lightning Lanes (Fancy Rides)-
Each park has one ride that you will be able to book as an ‘Individual Lightning Lanes’ that are not a part of Genie+.

To access these Lightning Lanes you pay specifically for them. You do not need Genie+ to purchase these individual Lightning Lanes. ‘ILL’ typically costs between $7+tax and $15+tax, but prices vary by day and ride.

MKSeven Dwarfs Mine Train
EPGuardian of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
HSRise of the Resistance
AKFlight of Passage

You can see pricing to the right of the individual Lightning Lane attraction.
Select your preferred time & party. 
Be sure to check your existing plans (tap the arrow next to “Plans During This Time”) so you don’t have too much of an overlap of selections.
After you hit continue, you can pay for the selection with your credit card on file in your My Disney Experience account.

When Can You Book Your Next Genie+ Lightning Lane?

This is the question that causes the most confusion, but it really isn’t too hard. Once you make a Genie+ Lightning Lane booking, you are prohibited from making another booking until:

        A. You use any Genie+ Lightning Lane booking OR

        B. You wait two hours from when you made your last Genie+ Lightning Lane
           booking EXCEPT the two-hour clock doesn’t start running until the park

Magic Kingdom opens at 9 AM. At 7 AM, you booked a 1:00 PM slot for Peter Pan’s Flight. You can make your next booking at 11 AM, two hours after the park opens. 

Genie+ 120 min rule.png

120-min. rule for Disney Genie+
This rule states that you can make a new Lightning Lane selection 120 minutes after you made your previous selection. If your previous selection was made before the official park hours (as is the case because Disney allows your first selection to be made at 7am), then the 120 minutes don’t begin counting down until the official park hours begin for the day. Here’s the rule:


- Next Lighting Lane selection is available 120 minutes after the previous selection
- 120 minutes after park opening if initial selection made before park opening

Example & Strategy:
At 7:00 AM you book Slinky Dog Dash for 11:15 AM. If the park opens at 9 AM then at 11 AM you can make a new booking (two hours after the park opens). At 11 AM you book Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run for 3 PM. At 11:05 you tap into and ride Slinky Dog Dash, using that Lightning Lane booking. You can immediately make a new Lightning Lane booking.
Variation this with…

At 7:00 AM you book Slinky Dog Dash for 11:15 AM. If the park opens at 9 AM then at 11 AM you can make a new booking (two hours after the park opens). The example is still the same. But now you wait, and at 11:15 AM you tap into and ride Slinky Dog Dash, using that Lightning Lane booking. Then at 11:20 AM, you book Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run for 3 PM. You will now need to wait until 1:20 PM to make a new Lightning Lane booking.

Here's Why?
In these two examples, changing the order you did things had a huge impact on when you could make your next booking. Book new Lightning Lane first, use old Lightning Lane second, and you immediately can make a new booking because using the old Lightning Lane “unlocks” you and lets you make a new booking. IF you use the old Lightning Lane first, book a new Lightning Lane second, and you have to wait 2 hours because making that booking put in place a two-hour rule.

Things to know:
- The more crowded the park is the later the LL times will be pushed out to. 

- You can only make 1 LL reservation per ride per day.
- Refresh your tip board. A lot of the time when searching for selections they will pop up after refreshing. 

- If you 'KNOW' you want to purchase a 'Fancy Ride', do it at 7 AM - they do sell out!
- You can only purchase 2 'Fancy Rides' per day


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